Analytic Functions Błażejewko 1982: Proceedings of a by Boris Nikolaevič Apanasov (auth.), Julian Ławrynowicz (eds.)

By Boris Nikolaevič Apanasov (auth.), Julian Ławrynowicz (eds.)

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54 Petru Caraman Hence (24) cap [E',E'(r ,oo) ,D) 1 P = = inf u JlvulPdm D capp[E',E'(r1,r2),DnE'(r2}] = = inf J IVulPdm u DnE'(r ) 2 O. If we denote by U(E ,E ,D} the class of admissible functions for o 1 cap (E ,E ,D), then for r

E. e. in the sets Eo no and E1 no which are measurable, so that almost all their points are of linear density in the direction of the coordinate axes (see Saks [21], p. e. in Eo no E1 no. e. in (Eo UE ) no which, 1 together with (16), allows us to conclude that (15) holds. We recall that x ERn is said to be a point of linear density in o the direction of the coordinate ~ if and 48 Petru Caraman 1 i-l m {[B(x ,r)nE]i xo,···,x 1 o o 2r lim r+O ,x i+l o n , ... ,x } o (i = 1, •• , n) , 1 i-l i+l n where (EiXo""'xo ,x , ...

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