Allergic Contact Dermatitis: The Molecular Basis by Jean-Pierre Lepoittevin, David A. Basketter, An Goossens,

By Jean-Pierre Lepoittevin, David A. Basketter, An Goossens, Ann-Therese Karlberg, R.J.G. Rycroft

Allergic touch Dermatitis offers all updated chemical and physio-chemical ideas for the research and realizing of allergic touch dermatitis (ACD). The booklet covers all features of ACD - dermis penetration and metabolism, identity of sensitizers and hapten-protein interplay, together with new suggestions of accelerating value reminiscent of molecular attractiveness and quantitative structure-activity relationships. additionally, entire references are supplied, making this the main whole on hand text-book for dermatologists.
Allergic touch Dermatitis reaches an equilibrium among basic recommendations and medical purposes and hence offers a vital instruction to dermatologists, allergologists, biochemists and toxicologists.

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Karlberg, 1996, manuscript submitted). Various types of formaldehyde donors are used as preservatives. Determination of free formaldehyde in a product in the presence of a formaldehyde H...... N..... 8. Reaction of formaldehyde with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine forming the UV-absorbing derivative formaldehyde-2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone 56 Elisabeth Giifvert . Ann-Therese Karlberg donor can be misleading. Some of the releasers are decomposed by the methods used, and the formaldehyde detected will be an overestimation of the amount actually present in a product.

Dimethylglyoxime reacts with nickel ions in the presence of ammonia, giving a bright red salt. The sensitivity of the test can be enhanced by pretreatment of the object's surface with a solution of synthetic sweat and heat. The test is very simple and may be used by consumers, producers, retailers, or authorities, as well as by nickel-sensitive people, dermatologists, etc. The test has been proposed by the CEN/TC 283 (European Committee for Standardization) as a screening test for nickel release from jewelry and other objects used in direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

C~>·\.. ,. ··X\~ / ~H. H. ·. ·. ·...................... Fig. 12. Tetrahedral geometry of methane Fig. 13. Sp3 Hybridization of the carbon atom orbitals Fig. 14. Sp2 Hybridization of the carbon orbitals Fig. 15. tals sp Hybridization of the carbon orbi- 28 Jean-Pierre Lepoittevin . Valerie Bed The formation of Sp2 and sp orbitals, which leaves some p orbitals intact, makes it possible to create "multiple" bonds between two atoms by lateral overlap of the conserved p orbitals.

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