Algebra for College Students (5th Edition) (MathXL Tutorials by Margaret L. Lial

By Margaret L. Lial

The Lial sequence has helped hundreds of thousands of scholars achieve developmental arithmetic via its pleasant writing sort, various real looking examples, large challenge units, and whole supplementations package deal. based on its confirmed music list, this revision incorporates a new open layout, extra routines and purposes, and extra gains to assist either scholars and teachers be triumphant.

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The result should be the product of a sum or difference and the variable. Step 3 Divide both sides by the factor that is the coefficient of the specified variable. L EXAMPLE 1 Solving for a Specified Variable W W L Perimeter, P, distance around a rectangle, is given by P = 2L + 2W. FIGURE 1 Solve the formula P ෇ 2L ϩ 2W for W. This formula gives the relationship between the perimeter (distance around) a rectangle, P, the length of the rectangle, L, and the width of the rectangle, W. See Figure 1.

Algebraic expressions z Equations and inequalities compare algebraic expressions, just as a balance scale compares the weights of two quantities. Many applications of mathematics lead to equations, statements that two algebraic expressions are equal. A linear equation in one variable involves only real numbers and one variable raised to the first power. Examples are and x ϩ 1 ෇ Ϫ2, x Ϫ 3 ෇ 5, 2k ϩ 5 ෇ 10. Linear equations It is important to be able to distinguish between algebraic expressions and equations.

20 or 20%. (b) If a savings account balance of $3550 earns 8% interest in one year, how much interest is earned? Let x represent the amount of interest earned (that is, the part of the whole amount invested). 08 b ෇ percent 3550 Multiply by 3550. 08͑3550͒ x ෇ 284. The interest earned is $284. Now Try Exercises 37 and 39. Graphs sometimes represent the percents of a whole amount that satisfy certain conditions. An Addison-Wesley product. Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. 62 CHAPTER 2 Linear Equations, Inequalities, and Applications EXAMPLE 6 Interpreting Percents from a Graph The country of origin of immigrants to the United States is shifting from mainly European in the 19th century to Hispanic (from Mexico and Central America) and Asian.

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