AI in computer games by Nareyek A.

By Nareyek A.

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Then have other people test it, just to make sure you haven’t become blind to your game’s weaknesses, or to unforeseen ways of finishing it. Believe me, there will be ways of playing your game that you never imagined, often bypassing much of the content you’ve slaved over. The Finale The end of a game is both the easiest and hardest part to design. It’s easy because you no longer have to train the player. He already knows how to play your game as well as can be expected. You don’t need to pull your punches anymore, or worry about how you’re going to top that last challenge.

In games like this, having a pause function can help the player generate his own rhythm. However, pausing can also disrupt the player’s immersion in the game and make it hard to get back into it. First Impressions: In the Beginning The most important part of any game is the first 10 minutes. Unless you make them so compelling that the player can’t put down the controls, he’ll find it very easy to quit and never touch your game again. After all, he has very little emotional investment and a plethora of other games to choose from.

1). 31 32 Chapter 2 ■ Paper Design The following are some tips for making maps: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Graph paper is the best friend of the mapmaker. If you draw your maps on unlined or single-rule paper, it’s harder for readers to judge scale. On maps of terrain, try to show major landmarks like mountain ranges, lakes, canyons, outcroppings, and so forth. Keep scale consistent. One inch = 100 yards, 10 squares of graph paper = 1 furlong, etc. This will help you (or any 3D artist who’s helping you) visualize how big or small the area will be.

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