A descriptive grammar of Huastec (Potosino dialect) by Barbara Wedemeyer Edmonson

By Barbara Wedemeyer Edmonson

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One == car with the white roof) However, there are some parts of noun phrases that cannot be replaced by one, as shown in (36). (36) a. b. *1 like the King of Sweden, but I can't stand the one of Denmark. *1 climbed to the top of the hill, but not to the one of the mountain. 27 Categories and Phrase Structure Consider how the behavior of one could be described in terms of the two structures we have outlined. The hierarchical structure provides the following analyses of the noun phrases in (34)-(36).

The nature of small clauses will be discussed in some detail later on; for the moment we will simply note that if the bracketed expressions in (82a) and (83a) are AP and PP respectively, the NP's my steak and George could conceivably be analyzed as the subjects of these categories. Thus, it may be possible to make the general claim that all major categories take subjects. An object can be defined as the noun phrase which is a sister of XO, for all major categories, and a subject as the noun phrase which is external to X'.

That little one. (one =: fuzzy pink rabbit) Categories and Phrase Structure 29 that little shiny one. (one == pink rabbit) that little shiny blue one. (one == rabbit) c. d. If we assume that one can only replace material which forms an N' constituent, then the structure of the noun phrase in (47) must be: NP (48) ~ DET N' this ~ AP N' big ~ AP fuzzy N' ~ AP pink N' I N rabbit Now consider the sentences in (49). (49) I know that man with the bald head in the living room on the sofa, not a. the other one.

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